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Enjoying the benefits of the cloud but feeling a bit ‘exposed’? Need a solution to create a virtual security blanket around your disparate compute, and office estate? Looking for a single way to connect to and manage your cloud resources and provide secure remote access, MDM and similar to your users?

Looking for a cloud based security proxy service to protect your users web browsing or anonymise your organisation?

Top Level Features

  • Securely connects clouds, on prem and users together
  • Creates a ‘security blanket’ wrap around all your services
  • Provides fixed VPNs for intra-cloud and cloud to customer connectivity
  • Provides secure Remote Access and mobile client VPNs
  • Fixed and Mobile VPNs include threat monitoring/IDS/AV/Botnet scanning
  • Provides Secure Internet Gateway/Cloud Gateway with assured proxy and filtering services
  • Monitoring provides Web, AV, IPS/IDS scanning, botnet detection, SMTP,DNS/NTP
  • Provides SSL Breakout and Traffic inspection with flexible scaling on demand
  • Mobile Device Management services
  • All Cloud Connect services have the option of additional protective monitoring
  • Suitable for handling COMMERCIAL through to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE data


The following is a summary of the benefits of our Service:

  • Reduced cost of security monitoring, increased security coverage
  • Allows you connect, leverage, use and manage cloud resources securely
  • Reduced exposure to the cyber threat, provides incident response
  • Helps you comply with standards such as ISO27001 and CES+
  • Simplify and reduce your cloud access methods
  • Ensure all cloud access is centrally audited, monitored, and logged
  • Enables connection to Government secure cloud services with built-in compliance
  • Speed of delivery, available now
  • Cloud agnostic (including private clouds, public and hybrid clouds, Azure, Office365, AWS, UKCloud, Google)

The service also provides secure remote connectivity or cloud based security gateways to control and monitor user and business traffic. If you are especially concerned about the security of Internet browsing from networks holding highly sensitive data this service can provide a completely isolated internet browsing function using dynamically provisioned virtual desktops. This service has the added value of completely obfuscating your internet presence and behaviour from attackers.

Secure Cloud Connect Overview


Mini Terms and Conditions:

We offer very friendly terms and conditions designed to make using us and leaving us very easy: we focus on providing expert, high quality, secure services so that you don’t want to leave us, not on tying you in to long term contracts.

  • Free trial available
  • 1 month minimum term
  • 1 month notice
  • Fixed on-boarding
  • Fixed off-boarding


From £10.00 per device per month. Click here to get prices! or contact us now for a free, no obligation quotation.

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  • GCIA
  • GREM
  • GCFE
  • GCIH
  • GSEC
  • GAWN
  • GCTI
  • GCDA
  • GCFA
  • GMON
  • GXPN
  • GPWN
  • CLAS
  • BSI
  • CESG
  • CES Plus


  • HM Government
  • Cyber Security Challenge
  • Tech UK
  • Crown Commercial Supplier
  • IOD
  • BCS


  • HEX
  • Risual
  • UKCloud
  • Surevine
  • Surevine
  • Surevine