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Our Origins

e2e was founded by two industry experts, each holding 20 years’ experience of delivering secure, end-to-end solutions. We have a history of designing secure networks for online payment systems; designing, developing and delivering cyber defence solutions; developing and starting up complete Managed Service solutions; and have built several worldwide Data Centres. Our clients over the years have covered most sectors from banking to the MoD.

Our People

e2e have brought together a highly experienced team of cloud experts, developers, security architects, CESG CLAS consultants, support specialists, security analysts and expert cyber security business development specialists. This core team has since been bolstered by the addition of a vibrant cloud support and cyber analyst team, recruited through channels such as the Cyber Security Challenge UK, SANS Cyber Academy and other government backed schemes to find cyber talent.

Our Ambitions

e2e are a service company. We have a well-developed range of cloud-based services, all of which are designed to be secure, repeatable, scalable, flexible and on-demand.

We aim to be the most secure supplier, to deliver and maintain the most secure services. There is simply no other supplier on the market with our security credentials and no other supplier with the technology and team to deliver security-as-a-service at our level. We are miles ahead in this area and this is where we want to stay.

We aim to be the best supplier: the easiest to deal with, the most reliable, and the best at delivering cloud service support and managed services. So far we have made a huge impression with our existing customers – e2e just does it better than the competition

Our Methodology

We focus on applying well established skillsets and a wealth of experience to ensure highly responsive delivery without sacrificing quality. We invest in our technology and our people so that our customers can benefit from our thirst for excellence. We understand how to integrate security seamlessly into our services, giving you secure cloud based services that ‘just work’.

We have fully embraced the ‘As a service’ model: e2e is a cloud based business, with a cloud business model, operating model, service delivery model and we deliver all our services from our cloud based operations centre.

Our Qualifications

e2e is a UK based SME Company operating exclusively from within the UK using SC cleared staff. We operate out of two UK datacentres (Tier3 and Tier4). We are ISO27001:2013 accredited, CES and CES+, IASME certified, CLAS members, CESG CCP Senior level, UKCEB members, TechUK members, BCS and IoD members, Crown Commercial Suppliers, UK Cyber Security Forum members. We sponsor and recruit from the Cyber Security Challenge UK as well as the SANS Cyber Academy. We understand how to work with partners and ensure we are honest and straightforward to deal with. We embrace the cloud first approach and are heavily involved in UK Cyber in general; we want to help spread the UK cyber messages (CESG Cloud Security Principles, 10 steps, Get safe on line, etc) and are active CiSP members with strong links within UK Cyber.

e2e-assure is able to provide agile, efficient, scaleable cyber services through the wider e2e-group of companies: with e2e-agile and e2e-cyber with the support of our carefully selected partner companies and affiliates.

What we do


  • GCIA
  • GREM
  • GCFE
  • GCIH
  • GSEC
  • GAWN
  • GCTI
  • GCDA
  • GCFA
  • GMON
  • GXPN
  • GPWN
  • CLAS
  • BSI
  • CESG
  • CES Plus


  • HM Government
  • Cyber Security Challenge
  • Tech UK
  • Crown Commercial Supplier
  • IOD
  • BCS


  • HEX
  • Risual
  • UKCloud
  • Surevine
  • Surevine
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