Unified Cyber Defense Platform


The following are some of the features included by default in Cumulo - our in-house developed, maintained, and evolving SOC platform used to deliver our Protective Monitoring and SOC Service.

  • A centralised, all-in-one, analyst-focussed cyber defence platform
  • Full packet capture environment with IDS, including deep packet inspection
  • Automation and orchestration capabilities
  • SIEM, with log and event correlation
  • Transparent and open - used by both the SOC and the customer, with full access to data

Cloud Integrations

Cumulo can integrate natively with the following Global Cloud Providers and their products:

Other Integrations

Cumulo can also integrate natively with the following on-premise solutions and providers:

Anything else?

The above is an ever-growing list. If what you are looking for isn’t here it may already be in progress or we can integrate it for you - don’t hesitate to contact us for details.