Coming soon - Microsoft Defender cyber security monitoring for SMB's

Simplified, affordable cyber security for all organisations.

small and medium business cyber security

We're delighted to announce that we'll shortly be launching a brand new set of services, specifically designed to support small and medium businesses (SMB's) with better, simplified and more affordable detection and response capabilities.

Some of the significant challenges facing SMBs, that our service aims to combat are:

  • Cyber attacks are on the rise, with phishing attacks in particular being of concern with an increase of 83% of identified phishing attacks
  • All organisations are now a target for cyber criminals: 39% of small businesses identified a breach in the last 12 months
  • SMB's don't have enough in-house cyber expertise and as such 59% outsource their cyber security
  • Attackers work 24/7, around the world, yet so many organisations (of all sizes) don't have a 24/7 capability - the absolute minimum number of staff to run this is 5 allowing for annual leave and sickness, but in reality is 7.
So what does this mean? Clearly, attacks are increasing and no organisation is off limits anymore, meaning that even the smallest businesses, schools, charities and healthcare services need to take cyber security seriously. It is, however encouraging to see more small businesses take cyber security seriously and realise that they don't have the resources in-house to build an effective detect and respond capability. A big challenge for smaller businesses is the cost of traditional cyber security services; cheap and cheerful doesn't always cut it, but a lot of services (including ours until now) are simply too expensive for SMBs as historically they've been centred around enterprises and public sector organisations. In addition to this, the imperative to have a 24/7 service is now at a critical stage and again, traditional outsourced services have been too expensive and in-house is not feasible for most SMB's.

Our new services aim to tackle these challenges and provide significant increases in cyber maturity. Our goal is simple, to provide affordable, effective cyber security operations for all organisations.

What is the service?

The initial service we'll be launching is focused on Microsoft Defender at it's core, with two service levels of 'monitored' or 'managed'. Customers can add additional Microsoft Defender services to the base of Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, such as Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications (previously MCAS), Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and more. This allows many organisations to take advantage of tools they may already be paying for in their licensing, whilst adding our expertise and providing additional capacity and capability to smaller organisations.

e2e's team of expert Security Analysts will monitor your Microsoft Defender, triaging alerts to the customer, having applied intelligence and supporting with advice on any remediation recommended. A standard set of use cases and processes to follow, based on Microsoft Defender and the common threats of ransomware, business email compromise and external service compromise, ensures the service is affordable for all, with additional bespoke additions purchasable as required.

e2e-assure are a Microsoft Silver Cyber Security Partner
SMB and SME cyber security service roadmap

The roadmap

We're already looking ahead, knowing that the Microsoft Defender services are only the start of this exciting new SMB offering. Future services include further work around a modular management offering for Microsoft Sentinel based on customer requirements and future work on other cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google, meaning that whatever your network, you can be better protected. For updates and to be the first to hear once the service is launched, be sure to fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements.